‘All Things Fire’ at The Fire Place

Aptly named for offering its customers ‘All Things Fire’. Located on Hwy 111 near Monterey, The Fire Place began quite humbly. Phillip Lee, owner and president of The Fire Place has managed the original “Palm Desert Fireplace” on El Paseo drive since 2001, until its closing due to the 2008 economic downturn.

Scraping together his savings, in 2009, Phillip opened his own store in the same location. Naming it ‘The Fire Place’. In 2015, they moved to their new home on Hwy 111.
“We wanted to do something different,” says Lee. “Coming from an interior designer as well as construction background, I thrive on taking boring or even hideous fireplaces and making it a focal point and a true ‘wow factor’, often surprising seasoned interior designers.”

Lee and his team have spent countless hours and effort to present their customers with a unique shopping experience. The showroom is always in a state of upgrade as The Fire Place loves to stay ahead of the trends.
Offering custom Fireplace make-overs, Custom Fire Pits and Fire Tables, as well as BBQ Grills and Custom Made BBQ Islands. The Fire Place also offers Custom Fireplace Doors in many genres, from Spanish/Tuscany wrought iron to the ultra contemporary stainless steel and lots in between.

Gas lot sets and fire glass conversions is their specialty. They also offer fireplace sculptures that Lee created, developed and trademarked. Electric Fireplaces are also one of their specialties. With custom build-outs available that can be finished to their customers liking, whether it is tiled, slabbed, or textured and painted. Lee offers “given our warm climate yet the desire for contemporary linear fireplaces, Electric is a wonderful way to achieve that look at only a fraction of the expense, as well as being able to enjoy your fireplace with or without heat. Electric fireplaces have come a long way in the last few years.

Outdoor living is a passion of theirs as well. Building Custom BBQ Islands with an amazing assortment of components such as refrigerators, sinks, ice makers and bar caddies. Lee uses his design background to come up with new and unique designs.

The Fire Place lives up to their name. It is truly a place for fire.


73-185 Highway 111 (near Monterey)