Be the Next Change – Karla Adams Fitness

Written by Charlotte Ransom McKenzie (Of Ransom-McKenzie Real Estate)

I’m excited to say, that I did it!  Or, should I say we did it.  With Karla’s guidance, Bob’s support, and my determination I’ve achieved that first goal.  I’ve lost 25 pounds, reduced my body fat by 5.3% and caused my clothes to not fit well again. (This time they are getting too big!)  My knees are still not perfect, but stairs and hills don’t intimidate me anymore. I’m feeling stronger and more confident and we had a great time on Kauai. 

I still have, more to achieve and it is time for me to set my next goal. As I continue to get stronger, it will only make things easier.  As a woman in my early 50’s I know that my body is changing drastically in many ways.  My goal of staying fit and decreasing my risk of losing muscle mass and bone density is an important one.  I may be getting older, but I am also getting stronger and healthier rather than weaker and more sedentary which is the direction I was heading in before.  I feel great and am looking forward to continuing my fitness journey. 

Thank you, Karla and the crew, at Karla Adams Fitness.  Your goal to educate, motivate, and change is working.  


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