Important Info. for Coachella Valley Residents

Chromium-6 and other Contaminants are a Real Concern for Homeowners and Water Municipalities in our Valley. CrystalClear Water and Pure Elements offer a salt-free Total Property water filtration and conditioning system—for your health and beauty while also addressing hard water problems!

Before we fully customize a specialized water system for your home, we assess your household water quality to determine present levels of chlorine, carcinogens, fluoride, chromium-6, arsenic and other contaminants. Next, we review hardness levels, determine the plumbing size and infrastructure, calculate flow rates, measure water pressure and check regulator settings. Once your system is installed, we’ll eliminate waterborne chemicals from your home’s living environment for a healthier lifestyle. No more drying, irritating chlorine and we’ll greatly reduce hard water problems. You can expect high-quality, great-tasting, chemical-free water from every fixture that’s perfect for drinking, cooking and bathing. Plus, this is the only system that is beneficial for pools, water features and gardens, providing a truly global solution for your water quality needs.


Serving the Communities of the Coachella Valley