Influential Trends of the New Year

With bold colors, gorgeous textures, and furniture and accessories echoing nature and organic forms, the most influential trends of 2020 promise to bring mellow warmth to our homes. Trends are a great source of inspiration,but don’t feel pressured to incorporate them entirely. You can take one or two ideas, and use them in faint ways to create a lookthat’s still personal and liveable for you.

All About Accents
Brighten up your space with a warm, vibrant hue. Orange is surprisingly versatile. To experiment with orange, try contemporary artworks and decorative objects.
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Statement Wall
Arte wallcoverings introduces the Vanguard collection. Pattern Expressionist is printed on a high-tech mesh textile and invokes ‘modern painting’. An unconventional material in an explosive color palette and combinations. The choice of materials is unique, contemporary and stimulates all the senses!
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Large Scale Photography
In a room design, a photograph can act as a portal, bringing the truth and glamour of another person, place, or time into the present moment. Embracing simple colors and wood tones, this minimalist bedroom by Staprans Design features touches of nature—from the use of large scale photo to the abundance of natural light. Finally, the low platform bed is decorated with organic bedding.
Photo Courtesy of R. Brad Knipstein Photography

A Splash of Gold
In deep green, navy, or black, a dark kitchen backsplash can round out a moody kitchen or bring a touch of sophistication to a bright space. Striking gold accents complement the dark gray backsplash and cabinetry in this kitchen.
Photo courtesy of Joshua McHugh

Concrete is eco-friendly, naturally heat controlling, waterproof, hypoallergenic, affordable and the gold standard when it comes to kid, pet and traffic durability. Concrete makes a genius choice for thoroughfares like hallways, which get tons of traction.
Photo Courtesy of Hillstar Construction