Master Bedrooms with Outdoor Spaces

An undeniable feature of luxury in a master bedroom are doors that lead directly to an outdoor space. Take advantage of your space and yard to create alluring outdoor rooms accessible from the home’s interior. Here are a collection of well-designed and enviable master bedrooms where the outdoors can be enjoyed without ever leaving the bedroom suite.

(Pictured abpve) Large glass doors in this spacious master bedroom open up to a cool, contemporary balcony with a built-in bench. Inside the sleek bedroom, two white armchairs offer cozy fireside seating.     Photo provided by Jill Wolff


Stroll outside the master bedroom at sunset. The corner opens to a patio and sweeping desert sky views.
Photo provided by Thompson Photographic  /  Design by Ownby Design


Bi-fold doors lead to a private outdoor room.
Photo provided by Paul Dyer  /  Design by


This one, featuring a fireplace, comfortable cottage-style garden furniture and fun accessories is located directly off the master bedroom.
Photo provided by Bernardo Grijalva Photography  /  Design


In this master suite, tall sliding glass doors create a relaxed environment that opens up to an outdoor area with breathtaking mountain views and a sleek, modern firepit design for a touch of glam.
Design by  /  Photo provided by Michael Duerinckx


Always say yes to bougainvillea and fire pits. To make the seating area feel like its own nook on a larger patio, lay down some tiles that make it stand out.
Photo provided by Studio Lifestyle