Meet Dr. Shazia Hyder at Rosina’s European Medical Spa

Dr. Shazia Hyder was born and raised in London, England, hence her soft British accent. She went to medical school in Southampton, England, at the tender age of 18 and was a physician by age 23. After graduating she completed a residency in general practice, shortly before moving to the US. Dr. Hyder completed her residency at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Afterwards, she joined the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Loma Linda. She is proud to have been given the opportunity to help local veterans. However, her life took a sudden turn when she was diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer during routine screening.

Suddenly she was the patient and could no longer care for her veterans. She endured a year of various cancer treatments: chemotherapy, surgery, radiation. Her youngest child was starting kindergarten at the time. There were many lows during that time: losing all her hair, pain, and complications which caused her to become hospitalized. One year later and 70 hyperbaric oxygen dives later, she was cancer free.

Dr. Hyder owns Rosina’s European Medical Spa in Redlands, and performs excellent medical procedures from laser treatments and injectables, to body contouring and chemical peels. She loves meeting new clients from all walks of life. Her Spa is a celebration of life, where one can come and feel transformed, whether getting a facial, massage, or a touch of Botox!

Dr Hyder is happily married with three children, one of which is affected by autism. She is passionate about her family, community and Medical Spa. She supports her local community as much as possible, and is active in the autism world. She looks forward to expanding her vision to help as many children on the autism spectrum with her new company, Autism Heroes. Dr. Hyder is proud to be a warrior mom, a wife, a physician, a survivor and a visionary.

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