Paramount Landscape & Irrigation Inc.

A letter from Zac Reish, President of Paramount Landscape & Irrigation, Inc.

Hey Everyone:
Riverside Public Utilities with metropolitan water district is offering $3 per square foot rebate for removing your lawn and converting to a drought tolerant landscape. Western Municipal Water District is giving $2. Just thought I’d mention that. Google it. They brought back the rebate for 2019. Who knows when funds will be gone again. We have done 30 or more of these types of landscapes and know what works, what looks good, and if you’re really trying to make it budget friendly what you can get away with. And, no it doesn’t have to be a cactus garden.

Now that I have your attention: My name is Zac Reish, President of Paramount Landscape & Irrigation Inc. This year has certainly flown by. From 2010 to 2019 business has been on a steady up swing for Paramount Landscape. We have been fortunate to do many, many fun and beautiful projects for people along the way which fortunately has in turn built our client base. We try to stay very planted in the inland empire to keep our costs down and also our service responsiveness as quick as possible. I learned early on the hard way when I had a sprinkler station malfunction or plants die in Huntington Beach how difficult it was to quickly respond to our customers’ needs. And don’t get me started on the traffic.

Fall and winter is on its way. For those of you who don’t know, this is the best time of year to get the landscape you’ve been dreaming about. The cool weather gives the plants time to acclimate and be ready to grow when the weather warms up. Don’t wait till summer to start work on your yard. Get it done early so its bursting with beauty and growing vigorously when it warms up in May and June.

We are a soft scape specialist landscape company. When doing a project from start to finish I am typically the last person to leave the job. The pools been done, the deck built, the concrete poured, and then my job starts. I am a very practical, honest, and opinionated. Which means I’m not a yes man. The fact is I have been in the position of a bad plan and shouldered the burden of those bad plans. At times it has been my fault and other times it has been my fault for agreeing with something I should not have. So if I tell you that’s a bad idea or that’s going to look bad it’s because I’ve lived the bad idea and seen the bad looking landscape completed. I myself and the crew have the ability to build a landscape that will be beautiful and last. I’m here to help you navigate your way through that process efficiently.

- Zac Reish (951) 961-8864