Shades of Orange

When it comes to design, we’re already looking ahead to 2019. Here are the leading colors that are powerful, attention grabbing shades of Orange.

Designers, landscapers, and paint specialists are loving the color wheel’s brightest, happiest family members. The playful expressionism encourages an unrestrained and experimental approach to color — vibrant without being overpowering, highlighted shades illustrate our desire for authenticity and our continued need for creativity and relatable, accessible design.

Orange is not simply the ‘fall color’. The good feeling of being surrounded with fallen leaves or glossy pumpkins can be present during every season. Therefore, think between orange, tangerine, or rustic, and give your place some extra welcoming mood. If you need some help imagining how they might play out in your own space, look no further —

Here are 11 inspiring ways to use orange in your home:

Living Spaces The best way to apply orange is to use it as the accent color. Using orange in a predominantly white living space adds liveliness and inspires positive mood. In a room bathed with natural light, orange can even work on more than a single accent wall — maybe as a beautiful carpet. You just need to be creative and to experiment with this amazing color.

Remember that orange has energetic and vivid nature, and should therefore be applied in places where a lot of activity is anticipated. It can be too overwhelming on large surfaces, if you are concerned, start with small, catchy details (cushions, Chinese lanterns, etc).

Kitchen The first association of orange most people have is that it is a loud and overwhelming color. While this stands for certain tones, orange can be generally perfect for areas that have the ‘loud side’, and require energy and imagination. If you could think of one room that actually needs this, it would be the kitchen. You can either make it striking orange to inspire the chef inside of you; or to keep the overall scheme subtle with only few orange accents (appliances, seating, lights, cookware, etc).

Paint Invigorate any room with orange. Depending on the hue, orange paint can deliver vibrancy or warmth. Create a soft, flattering color scheme with pastel peach and whites with just a hint of orange. Consider more earthy or spice-toned oranges–think terracotta or cinnamon–for a sophisticated, classic look. For a high impact punch, pair orange with a deep navy blue for a complementary color scheme. Color shy? Use just a wink of orange paint as an accent.