Syrentis Clinical Research and Trials

Compassionate, safe and ethical medical research. Our mission at Syrentis Clinical Research is to contribute to the development of cutting edge medications in a compassionate and safe environment.

Clinical Trials - At Syrentis Clinical Research, we conduct clinical trials. Clinical trials are research studies that test medical strategies, treatments, and devices to ensure they are safe and effective for humans. Clinical trials follow strict scientific protocols which protect patients and produce reliable results. Clinical Trials are important because they advance medical knowledge. 

The consent process -  Every participant in a clinical trial is provided a detailed explanation of the study which includes the nature of the study, the treatments to be used, and the potential risks and benefits. It is important to understand that some participants may receive a placebo, which is an inactive substance or treatment. This will be explained to you during the informed consent process. We always encourage you to discuss your participation in a clinical trial with  your healthcare provider.

Possible benefits  - Participants may receive access to new treatments before they are widely available. You may receive treatments, tests, procedures, and expert medical care at no cost to you. Your participation helps advance medical knowledge for future generations.

Possible risks -  The treatments and strategies being tested aren’t always better than those that currently exist or that you already may be receiving. Some treatments may benefit most people but not you. A new treatment may have side effects or risks that researchers don’t know about or expect. These potential side effects are monitored closely by the study doctor.

Current Enrolling Studies - Acne (severe to moderate), Adolescent & Adult Depression, Adolescent Tourette′s Syndrome, Alzheimer′s Disease (several), Chronic Heart Failure, Chronic Regional Pain, Dementia, Family History of Alzheimer′s, Memory Concerns, Mild Cognitive impairment, COPD, Healthy Volunteer, Pediatric Psoriasis, and Rosacea.

To learn more about our clinical studies, please call our Santa Ana office or you can visit us online.


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