Teeth In A Day at Rancho Dental

Many people have heard advertisements for “teeth in a day”. Go from no teeth, or a hopeless set of teeth, to an implant retained set of teeth, all in one day! Sounds terrific…But, does this actually happen? Well… kind of.

It is true that implants can be placed in one day and a non-removable set of teeth can be delivered. And, we do it frequently. There is a lot of planning that occurs before “teeth in a day”!  A 3-dimensional bone scan is taken. Then the oral surgeon determines where good bone is located, so implants can be placed. The restoring dentist determines where the teeth should go to maximize esthetics and chewing function. Then the implant placement and ideal tooth placement are digitally combined to make it all work out. Everything is carefully planned. Then, you get teeth in a day! The temporary teeth are made of acrylic. Typically after 3 months, we’re ready to make the permanent set of teeth, which are natural looking, prettier and made of a higher quality material.

So “teeth in a day” is kind of a reality. It’s an incredible service for our patients. To go from failing teeth to non-removable teeth and never having to wear a removable denture is amazing!


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