The Acevedo Team: Proud Sponsors of Temecula All Stars 14U Team

Giving Back To Our Community That We Love

We would like to start by sharing that we are baseball fans and we love to keep our boys busy playing sports in our community.

God has been great to us in all aspects, we have healthy children, a steady job that keeps us busy and provides for our family. This year, we decided to support the Temecula All Stars 14U team and sponsor their uniforms, and we are very proud to do so. This is a way of giving back to our community that we love. We have been taking the time to be there and support the team. We are very happy to see that there is much talent in our young community. These boys are very dedicated to the sport and they go out there and play with their heart. They look like MLB players.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the near future in a sports magazine, telling us their story. Each and everyone of them deserve to make something big happen in their lives. We want to say thank you to our coaches for taking the time to coach and teach these young boys. We also want to thank the parents of these young men because without their support and dedication, this team wouldn’t be here. Let’s go Temecula All Stars!

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The coaching staff is: Tony Tyszka, Jeff Jimenez, and Matthew Krueger
Cole Stacy- Shortstop and Pitcher
Luis Acevedo-Pitcher and Utility player
Alejandro Acevedo-First base and Outfield
Parker Williams- Second Base and Outfield
Cole Warner- First Base and Pitcher
Ryder Leggitt- Outfield and Pitcher
Brian Perez- Pitcher and Outfield
David Perez- Outfield and Catcher
Caden Krueger- Outfield
Jeremy Thomas- Outfield
Johnathan Steed- Outfield
Cameron Olson- Utility player and Pitcher
Michael Cardenas- Third Base and Outfield
Damien Escobedo- Catcher, Utility player and Pitcher