All Valley BBQ, Spa & Fireplace

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All Valley BBQ, Spa & Fireplace was started in 2000 by Steve & Ellie Berliner when they were selected to supply the bbq equipment to the new Trilogy Community in Corona, CA. The business was called “Steve Berliner Enterprises” and was a home-based business in La Quinta. In the next two years, contractors from pool companies started buying better-quality bbq equipment from Steve and Ellie and in 2002, All Valley BBQ was opened in Indio, CA. Expansion into spas, fireplaces, umbrellas happened and the business grew. In 2006, Leland (their son) took over and incorporated the business. It was already reaching into Orange County, so the expansion was going well. When the recession hit, three competitors were bought up (or taken) to come under the Corporate wing, and in 2015, All Valley moved to their permanent home in Palm Desert on Country Club Drive.

All Valley has always been both a Distributor AND a Discounter – never Retail. What people enjoy about All Valley is that there are genuine discounts, no pricing games, and a relatively small showroom… true “Mom and Pop”!!


(760) 342-5277

77734 Country Club Drive, Suite D, Palm Desert, CA 92211