Annual Maintenance Program

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AMP is a program designed to service, maintain, and expand the lifespan of the major components within your home.  We perform a fire safety check, to help improve the safety of your home and your  family. We  determine if your home is equipped with the required amount of smoke alarms and CO detectors. We also replace your furnace filters on a quarterly basis to  improve air quality and system performance.
Our annual maintenance program includes the services listed below. Our service team will go out on a quarterly basis  to change out your filters and perform other services that will help maintain your home. Contact us to start your program today.
Our package includes quarterly visits (4 visits) by one of our service  technicians.
▪A/C Unit Cleaning (up to 2 units) *$25.00 for  additional A/C unit
▪A/C Unit Refrigerant Line Insulation Replacement 
▪Furnace Filter Replacement
▪Smoke Detector check & Battery Replacement
▪Carbon Monoxide Detector Check & Battery  Replacement
▪Water Heater Safety Check
▪Fire Door and Firewall Evaluation▪Fireplace Damper Clamp Installation
▪Water Pressure Check and Adjustment
▪GFCI Evaluation to Ensure Proper and Safe Operation

Quaterly Sevice with a low monthly fee!

Other Services
By law, every home is required to have smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors. Our techs can properly install these detector within your home in the required locations.




Aerial Roof Inspection — Age, wind, and other weather conditions cause wear/tear and tiles to slip out of place. Going unnoticed can cause moisture damage to attics and ceilings. Our solution: Aerial video technology (AVT)  allows for a more thorough inspection of roofs. AVT offers many advantages to home owners. It allows the tech to record problem areas and share with clients in real time.  This can be done without walking the roof and potentially causing additional damage to materials. We can find the issues without causing damage that was not there.