Art by Inna

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May my canvases bring to you happiness and joy!

Written by Tracy Smith
Impressionist oil painter Inna Pankratova has moved to Temecula. This world-renowned artist has pieces in many public and private collections around the globe. Inna’s flair for color and use of light and texture bring florals and abstracts to life. Her love of nature and lyrical quality of emotion sing off the canvas.
Inna says that her emotion and soul are reflected in her work. She says her art speaks through color and inspired by both joy and grief. This reads as quite true to even a casual observer; her art is both uplifting and striking. Inna was the only student of the celebrated Russian artist Ekaterina Grigoryeva. Although Inna is known internationally for painting on canvas, she has also developed a unique system of painting on wine glasses and wine bottles. The popularity of this evocative relationship between her captivating painting style and everyday objects associated with the pleasure experience of wine has moved Inna to come closer to Temecula’s well-known wine country.

Inna’s team are experts in installation and staging. If you are seeking a unique experience and a chance to show off your own influential taste, they also can plan private, bridal, and corporate events steeped in culture in an intimate setting. If you are looking for a statement art piece or wish to cultivate your own place in the art scene as a buyer, look no further. Inna is currently creating wearable art where her fashion meets impressionist sensibilities. Watch her website for details on when this next project will become available.

Talent and technique have even compelled Inna to paint onto Christmas ornaments. If you want to give a personalized, one-of-a-kind gift that will be cherished through the years and considered a work of art, hand painted by this creative passionate artist.