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Over 25+ years ago, Cabinets by Precision Works was founded by Pierre Letellier, a man who dreamed of blending his passion for construction and architecture with his innate eye for design. Having already discovered the magic of cabinet building by starting his business solo in his garage, Pierre set his sights on high-end construction.

Over time, Pierre discovered, learned, and began to understand the magic and difficulties of custom cabinets in the United States. Breaking rules and tirelessly studying the process, he became the first to create, supply, install, and completely remodel cabinets and entire homes in the market.

Additionally, Precision Works has grown into one of the Coachella Valley’s premier manufacturers of custom and semi custom European style cabinetry. A marriage between exquisite precision and luxurious quality, Precision Works combines the best of both worlds. Our exceptional materials and taste for sophistication provides our customers with a custom home unique to Precision Works.

Everything at Precision Works is carefully designed to ensure that each client gets a glimpse of their dream home when they enter our world. We believe in the power of people. Our employees are highly trained in the art of making cabinets, installation, and overall fit of a design and they take pleasure in spreading the Precision Works spirit with you.

Our reputation of quality work has over time afforded us many long-term relationships with our clients, something we believe is of immeasurable value. A home is a special place; we feel honored to be a part of our clients journey to creating their dream home where they will reflect on old memories and create new ones.

The values at Cabinets by Precision Works reflect Pierre’s passion, curiosity and dedication. Remaining faithful to our core values for the past 25+ years, has been, and always will be, our driving force when serving our customers. From Coachella to Palm Springs and beyond, we invite you into our world to share our passion and discover the magic of the Precision Works spirit.

Dedicated To The Coachella Valley!

Ready to start your custom cabinet project? Or just have a few questions about some of our products and/or services? Either way, we’re happy to help! Contact a Cabinets by Precision Representative today by using one of the contact methods listed on this page. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you might have.


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