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Neurofeedback is a form of brain exercise that allows you to retrain and rebalance your brain for optimal performance, while helping to improve memory, mood and energy levels. Through the use of non-invasive computer technology, neurofeedback monitors brainwave activity and encourages healthy brain function. Your brain learns to become calmer, more alert, and more flexible.

Using specialized electronic equipment, the computer reads your brainwaves and provides instant “feedback” to you through video images, sound, or both. This feedback tells your brain to produce more or less of certain kinds of brainwaves, encouraging it to activate differently – literally retraining your brain toward healthier patterns.

Neurofeedback is a customized exercise regime for the brain which gives you similar benefits obtained from following a consistent workout program at the gym. With regular training, you will see an overall reduction or elimination of symptoms, increased cognitive flexibility, improved intellectual cognitive flexibility, improved intellectual functioning, and better emotional regulation.

BRAINIACS FOR KIDS ™ – Get great results for your child in school!

  • Attention, Focus & Concentration
  • Behavioral Problems Anger

PEAK PERFORMANCE – Improve your overall performance by staying focused and “in the zone”.

  • Athletes
  • Musicians
  • Executives

MOOD – Help your brain to work better, smarter and with less effort.

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

STAY SHARP ™ – A special program designed to help aging or tired brains feel sharp again.

  • Reduces effects of aging and long term stress
  • Improves forgetfulness and memory

Mary T. Lindsey, MS, LMFT
Mary specializes in working with children, parents, stepfamilies, and with depression, grief, and anxiety. Parenting children, and/or being in relationship with your partner, should be enjoyable. Oppositional/tantruming children, relationship affairs, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and conflict create emotional pain, trauma, and unhappiness in our life. Your work together is based on respect for your personal growth goals.

She has post-graduate training in the use of neurobiofeedback to treat ADD/ADHD, depression and anxiety, having trained with some of the top leaders in the field (e.g. Joel Lubar). Neurofeedback training is an alternative to medication for ADD/ADHD, depression and anxiety.

Mary uses a respectful, humanistic, approach to problem solving, relationship building, strengthening bonds and building relationship attachments. She also uses a cognitive/behavioral approach to treat anxiety and depression, and collaboration to set joint goals and to identify desired results. You will work together to achieve your therapy results.

Mary Lindsey has been in private practice for over 15 years. She have a special interest in working with elementary school-age children with ADD/ADHD behaviors, who demonstrate oppositional behaviors, who tantrum, and who lose control.


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