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Our business is concrete restoration consisting of resurfacing patios, pool surrounds, driveways and walkways and interior flooring. We can also extend your actual exterior living place by adding more concrete to your deck or patio.

Naturally, we also place coatings on old and new garage floors with attractive, clean, and durable surfaces.

In addition, we can place decorative landscape curbing to architecturally define areas of your home and garden.

Our clients for concrete resurfacing in Palm Springs are interested in beautifying their homes with quality workmanship. Most of our clients really have no idea of how concrete can become so pretty by resurfacing and not replacing. Many of our customers are referred by satisfied clients.

At Econo-Crete we are aware that the major trend the customer wants is to maximize their living space by bringing the outside to coordinate with the inside. In doing this, they can achieve more usable footage without major reconstruction. We call it, “ Blending the outside with the inside ”.

In the past, our clients have found that by using our customized services, their homes have not only increased in value, but their lifestyles have also been enhanced by more tranquil environments outside.

We work in concert with our clients and are always proud to achieve the common goal established by us and our customer.


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77-700 Enfield Lane Suite B2, Palm Desert, Ca 92211