Efficient Solar Services

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What is Efficient Solar Services (ESS)? Presently, most homeowners and business owners understand that solar presents great financial and environmental benefits. However, there are many rules and regulations, various qualifications for different solar incentives and programs, an abundance of equipment options and programs, contractors, financial tools and financial products. For a home or business owner, trying to sort through all of the information can be frustrating, confusing, and tiring. To make matters worse, at each meeting with a different sales representative or consultant, they are only presented with that specific company’s narrow scope of information and limited offerings of equipment, programs, and financing options. Listening to the customer and understanding the whole story is not often part of the process.

This is how ESS is different. As opposed to representing one specific manufacturer, program, or company, ESS represents multiple companies with access to all solar programs at reduced wholesale volume rates. ESS will work with and for you to determine which, if any, of the solar programs makes the most sense for you and your home or business. We will discuss topics such as tax liabilities (for government solar tax incentives), depreciation options, length you plan to stay in the home or building, personal, family and business goals, cash flow, long vs short term savings plans, and more.

At ESS, we work directly with the top manufacturers and solar programs in the USA, cutting out the middle man which saves our customers serious money. ESS is able to hand pick the top installation and service teams in the industry, ensuring our customers not only have the widest range of options and biggest savings, but also the best and most experienced teams managing their project and providing top notch service .