Four Twenty Bank

Four Twenty Bank is a modern revitalization of a once-dilapidated building that sat vacant for over 23 years. After investing over two years of time, we have completely restored this once-prestigious place of business into an on-site cannabis consumption lounge and epic event venue. The very first of its kind!

Entrepreneurs Nolan Moore and Julie Montante have collaborated their brilliant minds and successful business experience to create this truly unique experience. They have deliberately chosen to break the stereotype of the typical cannabis consumer and elevate the minds of the public. They have set out to broaden the horizon and aim for a new concept. The influx of a vibrant demographic to the downtown Palm Springs area makes this the absolute perfect location to introduce such a groundbreaking business. Unlike anything you have experienced, the Four Twenty Bank dispensary and concert lounge offers a wide range of products including a full assortment of sodas, cocktails, beer and wine that contain zero alcohol and are CBD- and THC-infused. We carry all the top brands of cannabis from King Garden to Cookies. A vast variety of prerolls, live rosin, wax, oils, enriched lotions and creams, vape pens and cartridges. Unlike any other dispensary in the desert, we carry the largest variety of products. With the cannabis community being fully accepted in the desert region, we feel the creation of this experience will be beneficial to the community as a whole!

Working side by side with local professionals and the city of Palm Springs, we have strived to exceed every request the city had regarding ventilation in this location to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for patrons of the Four Twenty Bank, including social distancing and all who enjoy the downtown area. The city of Palm Springs has been extremely helpful, cooperative and supportive during this whole transformation. The custom filtration system is designed to create a unique airflow that is designed to pull fresh air into the building while lifting out smoke and purifying it before exiting the extended vents. The major overhaul of this landmark that is over 17,000 square feet includes double glass entry doors that will be maintained at all times by security specialists, three oversized crystal chandeliers that each have over 4,000 hanging crystals and a completely custom rolling point of sale cases to make this space transformable for night time and concert events when allowed. The upstairs section is home to private rooms and Sky Suites that are available to use for hosting individual events and will be primarily used for members, invitation-only parties with exclusive access and reserved for VIP guests. We will also have rental space available. Inquiry within.

By combining the consumption lounge and dispensary with a concert and arts experience, we aim to become a staple of the community. The opportunity to work with many local performers and feature artists is beyond exciting. There will be a wide array of experiences for our guests to enjoy — from special events that
will have a limited number of attendees to large performances that will draw massive crowds to our location.

Four Twenty Bank also has a limited number of Private Label Society Memberships that will have priority access to the event calendar plus many other benefits. Four Twenty Bank also envisions building a business model that can be applied to other unique properties in other major cities across the world! While we eagerly await the delight of opening our doors during these unprecedented times, we continue to move forward every day with goals for this founding location.


Julie Montante opened PSA Organica in downtown Palm Springs in 2016. Julie’s brother, Len Montante, is an important part of both PSA Organica and Four Twenty Bank. He works in management operations and buying. He has been with her since the beginning. Now Nolan Moore and Julie Montante have opened
Four Twenty Bank Dispensary & Lounge.

Julie got into this industry when her mother developed stage 4 breast cancer at the age of 45. She wanted to find alternatives to chemo, radiation and surgery without stripping her of her dignity. This was the beginning of an extensive and compassionate journey for Julie and Lenny to pursue their dream of helping others in need. Supported by, Susan Littleton, our metric’s and office manager.
They put their clients’ needs and comfort first from the time they walk in. Their goal is to supply compassion to those in need in a safe and comfortable environment.

Julie donates 5 percent of after-tax receipts each month to local charities. She also works with Well in the Desert, Desert Aids Project, Martha’s Kitchen and the AIDS assistance Program.

Nolan Moore, as a business professional has always had a tremendous talent for finding diamonds in the rough. He began purchasing real estate at the young age of 17. He started a prestigious financial firm over 24 years ago based in Redlands, California that specializes in structured, liability and tax services. Over the years he has created and operated several companies all in different industries such as real estate development, cosmetic service salons, cannabis distribution, packaging, branding and retail. Along with being an entrepreneur he has always had a devout passion for music. Nolan has spent the last 2 years recording with a local producer in studio in Palm Springs. He joined his first Christian rock band at age 15 as a lead singer and is introducing his love of music to his 2 daughters, His latest venture is combining his passion for music for a new business venture at the Four Twenty Bank and Lounge in Palm Springs, Ca.

Stop by and meet Julie, Nolan and the friendly staff!


(760) 250-6477

296 S Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262