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If there is one thing our brand aims to promote, is that the antiquated focus on location as the sole significance in real estate is just simply not enough in today’s market. Our philosophy is that the client needs to find one of their 3 L’s as a starting point and then strive to achieve the other two in order to achieve the ultimate acquisition.

By combining The Location, The Luxury, and The Lifestyle…they have manifested the vision of L3.

Historically, there are few words more synonymous with real estate than “LOCATION”. It has always been at the forefront of what is considered top priority when investing in a property. The philosophy is that the better location it has, the more premium it will command. For the most part this is true, but is location unequivocally defined by traditional ideology? It is obvious that any home with an ocean, city lights, or golf course view will always be in high demand. However, the significance of the word location can mean so many other things for our clients. We at L3 strive to find that meaning for those who we represent. Whether it is being closer to a friend or family member, being closer to work, or even being near a freeway…L3 will find the location that is perfect for each specific client!

LUXURY is defined as a situation of great comfort, ease, and wealth. To us at L3, one man’s home is another man’s castle. Not all homes have to be excessively upgraded estates for us to consider them part of our luxury division. Just like location, luxury is a relative term and can mean different things to different buyers or sellers. Luxury can be a home that provides top of the line amenities and status or a home that simply provides an elevated level of comfort and ease. If you are selling your home, L3 will capitalize on the nature of luxury your property is characterized as. If you are buying, L3 will focus on securing an investment that best fits your definition of Luxury. Whether it is your home or your castle, we are the agency best suited for the task.

LIFESTYLE is a particular way of living. We at L3 believe this is without a doubt the most important of our 3 L’s when investing in a property. Location matters, having a Luxury home is amazing, but ultimately our Lifestyle defines us. This variable contradicts everything that real estate has taught us for decades in regards to the singular value of location . What if a home backs a street, yet is in an incredible neighborhood and school district? How about if a home is in a historically frowned upon city that has had a recent artistic and culinary revival? Lifestyle is the most important thing to consider when buying a property as it defines why you chose to purchase in the area you did while also influencing what value it holds when it comes time to sell. L3 is here to help you find the best available property to fit your ideal Lifestyle.


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