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The Rug Design Gallery is located in San Clemente Orange County is a family business established by Mahamoud Ghasemian, in the early 19th century. The elder Ghasemian was himself an artist and “master” of the ancient rug-making process. Our family has sold persian and oriental rugs over the past century with the knowledge passed down from generation to generation. One type of rug we specialize in is called the Tabriz rug.Our household has actually marketed persian and asian rugs over the past century with the expertise passed down from generation to generation. One kind of rug we specialize in is called the Tabriz rug.

Tabriz rugs are distinct items. Many are really old, very unique and expansive. Tabriz artisans’ rugs are underfoot in the fortress and manors of both the Danish royal family members and the English monarchy. A Tabriz rug/carpet is an input the basic group of Iranian carpets from the city of Tabriz, the resources city of East Azarbaijan Province in northern west of Iran. It is just one of the earliest rug weaving facilities and makes a massive diversity of kinds of carpets. The variety starts at Bazaar quality of 24 raj (Number of knots per size of 7 cm of the widths of the rug) and on approximately the astonishingly fine 110 raj. Raj are the devices of knot thickness (it reveals the fitness of the carpet which based on the number of strands made use of for the structure of the carpet. Strings products are usually made from cotton or silk which is utilized for quite fine carpets).

Rug Design Gallery imports directly not just from the family-owned carpet manufacturing plant that employs 350 professionals in Tabriz, but additionally from Mashed, near the Afghanistan boundary. The carpet gallery’s inventory also features Persian rugs made in various other major Iranian production facilities, and rugs bought from or traded with the firm’s many regular clients.

Rug Design Gallery utilizes hundreds of Iranian workmens, several of whom are considered “masters” after several years of research study and instruction in the art of painting, binding and cutting rugs. The masters tackle apprentices that are 7 or 8 years old to begin a lifelong journey along with their instructor, keeping up the custom and taking in of careful execution that offers a Persian rug its belief. Each carpet correctly carried out can amount to 6 years of commitment from an individual master.


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