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Clutter can be your worst enemy. It slowly creeps up on you and before you know it, boxes and piles of stuff have multiplied and invaded your home. The number one victim of clutter is your garage. Bombarded with years of memories, sports gear, seasonal items and excess belongings, your past is now invading your present, needlessly causing everyday stress.

The Solution is Overhead Storage
The cost and inconvenience of offsite storage is AVOIDABLE. It doesn’t take up valuable wall space. But more important, your belongings are in a place where you can access them any time, day or night. Overhead storage is a one time investment, instead of monthly payments for offsite storage. Once you have overhead storage in place, the organization begins. At this point you can take one box at a time, consolidate, label and store it overhead, recapturing your floor space. Now you’re motivated, you feel that you can conquer the clutter. Our racks allow viewing from the bottom so you can see your labels from below.

Overhead storage is a less expensive way to store seasonal items and keepsakes, leaving your cabinets less cluttered with the everyday and overflow items in your home.  We also specialize in industrial strength Custom Cabinets and Epoxy Flooring.

James Andreoli is the founder and sole proprietor of Stellar Garage. 
When he was 20 years old he had his own framing crew in Virginia. At the age of 23 he joined the United State Marine Corp. Upon leaving the the Corp, he started up Andreoli Construction
Andreoli Construction has been serving Southern California since 1993. We are family owned and operated. In 2005 we joined hands with ONRAX Overhead storage and began the journey of remodeling garages. Helping our customers organize and recapture their garage space is a rewarding job.
In the past few years, the garage has become more than a place to store the car. In some cases it’s the prime entrance to the home. Others use this “Extra Room” as
a rec. room or a workout room. No matter how you use your garage, Overhead storage, epoxy flooring and cabinets are a great way to both improve the value of your home for resale or to improve your life with organization.

Stop! Before you have anyone perform work in your home, check their California State Contractor’s License. Consumer Affairs is there to protect you. Go to www.CSLB.CA.Gov.


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