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At Superior Epoxy, Customer Satisfaction is top priority. As you look at our photo galleries and read our testimonials, you will notice that we put a lot of effort into making every Epoxy Floor System we install a center piece in our photo gallery and the main conversation piece for our clients which countless times has turned into referrals from their friends and family. Superior Epoxy Floors of California specializes in Garage Floors, Epoxy Floors, and Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings in the city of Beaumont.

Quality Materials

It is almost impossible to guarantee a maintenance free floor. However, by using the highest quality products in the market, Superior Epoxy can install Epoxy Floor Systems that are the closest to being maintenance free and that will last for years to come. The Epoxy Floor Systems we install are resistant to oil, water and other chemicals that usually damage concrete surfaces.

Floor Preparation

Taking all the necessary steps during surface preparation is critical to properly installing a beautiful, long lasting and durable garage floor. We first start off my making sure that all paint, sealers, oil and other obstructions are removed from the concrete surface. Once the oil and chemical stains are stripped away, some garage floors will have hairline fractures which epoxy resin will cover and level off within. Considering that our clients live in Southern California, many floors may have cracks, holes and flakes. We make sure that all cracks, holes and other damage to your floor is filled, leveled and sanded so your epoxy floor is completely level with no obstructions within the concrete substrate.


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