Waterboy by Superior Water

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It’s easy to forget that water is more than something refreshing to drink or the stuff that washes away the byproducts of a good hard workout or a tough day on the job. We need to remember that water is the source for life itself and without question, the beverage our bodies need the most. With up to 70% of our body mass being made up of water, every cell depends on this vital resource so it’s important to know that in the case of water, what you see is not always what you get. More so than ever before, the quality of water we are consuming has become a critical health factor in our daily lives.

Nature’s variety of fresh water is, of course, the best option one could choose because in its’ perfect, natural path from the mountains, water is filtered and conditioned with all the beneficial minerals remaining in place. In our industrialized world, this option has long disappeared due to real life factors including unnatural processing and natural or man-made pollutants that make water less beneficial and sometimes even hazardous. But there is another option for the quality of water that nature had always intended for us and many say it is just as good as the real thing: a WATERBOY filtration system by San Diego based Superior Water.

“Our system provides fresh, clean, natural water, the way it was meant to be”, says Elaine Montemarano, the company’s general manager. “WATERBOY relies on high quality media reducing unwanted chemicals, and the patented Superior Water Hydro Industrial fields module, “she explains, “which, in simple terms, provides a great tasting, naturally filtered water supply to a home or business with the added benefit of eliminating corrosive elements that effect plumbing lines and appliances”. Montemarano notes the WATERBOY system will enable one to drink premium bottled quality water direct from any tap in the home or workplace.

When household or workplace water is treated by a WATERBOY system, it goes through three stages of filtration and one critical stage of conditioning that truly sets Superior Water apart from the competition. In this final stage, the Hydro Industrial fields module conditions the water non-chemically by restructuring and realigning the polarity of the mineral molecules, without removing the minerals from the water. This state-of-the-art technology delivers unsurpassed quality of water that simply tastes and feels better. There are other types of water systems available, but none that delivers the value of a WATERBOY in terms of water quality and non-chemical corrosive technology, a system that requires no maintenance.

Research Scientist, Dr. Richard Weber, describes the effectiveness of a WATERBOY system this way: “In the studies I have made evaluating water systems, the one that most closely simulates the earth’s natural filtration process is the WATERBOY system from Superior Water. It has a means of filtering out bad and yet sparing the good minerals…they have one of the largest carbon (filtering) systems I have seen to date”.

In terms of product quality, Superior Water is in a league by themselves. But “superior” also describes their reputation for customer service. Peter Carlisi adds, “We offer our customers a worry free warranty with a 7-day/24 hour customer support hotline. Customer service is our first priority”. Excellent products and customer service has poised the company to meet the soaring demand for in-the-home water treatment systems; a marketplace that exceeded 2.6 billion dollars in sales in 2005.

Superior Water offers products and services for all aspects of the consumer marketplace, including single family homes, condominium and hi-rise residential complexes, well water systems and all types of commercial and industrial applications. This diversity has created the demand for Superior Water systems nationwide with global expansion throughout Latin America and other countries, including India.




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