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Social Media Marketing + More
Monitor, manage and build your online reputation and reviews; streamline your social media marketing; and get found, gain traffic and grown revenue with YourVilla Digital Solutions. Contact us for more information.

Email Marketing
Capture the attention of local, prospective customers with YourVilla Magazine’s E-Newsletter or Custom Email Campaign. Promote special offers, events, or profile your business and services with YourVilla’s weekly subscriber email blasts.

+ 50,000+ Email Addresses
+ Audience targeting
+ Tracking campaign
+ Link to your website and social media

Website Design + Development
Customizable websites will help your business make a splash on the web. Tailoring your website’s look and content to your specific needs gives you the edge over your competition, and helps to bring you new customers!

Dion Denti, Publisher
Office: 866-665-5105
Email: diondenti@gmail.com

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