2019 Trends: Kitchen Surfaces

Between cooking weeknight dinners, Sunday meal prep, and hosting friends, we tend to spend a lot of time in our kitchens. It’s also one of the first
rooms guests see, and it’s at the heart of holiday gatherings. For all of these reasons, keeping our kitchens updated and stylish is important.

There’s an emphasis on texture, design, quality materials, a mingling of metals, black, and a general salt-of-the-earth feel. Before you start painting your kitchen cabinets or upgrading your backsplash, check out these top surface trends for your kitchen in 2019:

All Matte Everything — Who doesn’t love the slick touch of matte finishes? Showrooms are chock full of matte cabinetry and appliances that while attractive, are ultimately much easier to keep clean and are certain to not go out of style anytime soon thanks to their forever-cool allure. Matte Black Stainless Steel appliances bring the latest in home decor trends to the kitchen, providing enhanced style that brings out the best in any design.
Available at www.lg.com

Moody Hues — All the experts agree on this one: Dark colors are making a big comeback in 2019. Trends are starting to lean away from the trending gray of the past years and into the navy palette, especially paired with gold hardware and fixtures. In addition to navy, black and forest green will also be trendy kitchen paint colors in 2019. The antithesis to the tendency to go for all-white kitchens, black and moodier hued kitchen design ideas are sure to quickly add an elegant sense of drama to any home. If a full room is too much, do consider small yet impactful ways to bring the color in, say a vibrant textile here, or a deep green rug set against a luminous marble floor.
Counter Sruface available at www.polycor.com

Organic/Handmade Tile
Backsplashes that look hand-hammered have hit kitchens. The texture and tone of these weathered white Moroccan tiles by Clé are divine. The tile is made up of, literally, dozens of shades.

Industrial Finishes
Keeping with minimal kitchen design themes of late, we’ve seen our fair share of concrete backsplashes, countertops, and flooring as they’re great options for a budget-friendly kitchen and instantly lend the room modern yet industrial notes. There are tons of textural surfaces such as concrete - or amazing riffs on the real thing. Caesarstone’s Metropolitan Collection has been designed to reflect the authentic patinas of industrial materials.The variations in appearance capture real depth and movement, revealing different qualities that make each slab unique.

Statement Flooring
Add life to your kitchen decor with striking patterned flooring and rugs that’ll add a dynamic visual punch compared to a basic wooden or tiled floor. Think of adding stone looks, wood looks, fabric looks, many different styles, all capable o enhancing any design plan.
Available at www.countryfloors.com

Mixed Metals
For an off-kilter layered look that’s still rich and layered, combine different metals such as copper hardware, brass fixtures, and silver finishes for a more laid back however elegant statement.
Image Credit www.suzannascottphotography.com

Kitchen Backsplashes
Kitchen backsplashes will make an even bigger statement in 2019, as designers are extending the tile all the way up to the ceiling. Rather than a pop of tile above the counter, stylish kitchen are featuring an entire wall of tile. This look adds texture and visual interest to any kitchen.
Image Credit Kyle Le, senior interior designer at Timeline Design + Build — Image Credit www.tldesign.net

Specialty Sinks
Say goodbye to all too common farmhouse sinks and say hello to unique statement-making options that boast intricate designs, unexpected scales and materials, and stunning ornate fixtures for everyday opulence in this most used room.Rugged sandstone or colourful granite sinks (especially in brown or black) are equally earthy choices.

Statement Stools
Stools are a versatile seating option that can add character, color and texture to a kitchen or home bar — or simply offer a comfortable place to sit. Choosing one that fits your design and space can be difficult, or can be a perfect fit like these custom-made stools covered in an Edelman cowhide in the kitchen.
Image Credit www.richardpowersphoto.com // Available at www.edelmanleather.com

When it comes to a kitchen design, graphic wallpaper might not be the first thing that comes to mind. There’s no denying the power of a statement wallpaper. The simple addition of a bold patterned wallpaper can easily transform an interior. Get inspired to go bold in your own design.

Kitchen Rugs
Whether you planned it that way or not, your kitchen in likely one of the most lived-in rooms in your home. And if you’ve ever gone through a renovation, you also know it’s one of the most expensive per square foot. Which is why moveable accessories like a cheery, exotic, or textured rug is so key. Add warmth and comfort underfoot with a stylish kitchen rugs.