Health Benefits of Becoming a Morning Person

According to several studies, waking up early makes you happier, revs your metabolism and boosts your brainpower. And, with a few extra minutes to spare in the morning, you’re allowing yourself time to slow down, be mindful and prepare for your day without rushing through your morning routine.

Here are 5 reasons you should become a morning person:

Boost Your Brainpower
Not only does waking up early allow you more time to be thoughtful about your day, a study found that early risers have stronger problem-solving skills and are more proactive than those who sleep later. Plus, there is nothing better than catching the sunrise.

Improve Your Mood
People who woke up earlier said they felt happier than those who hit snooze for a few extra minutes. Plus, they were more alert and had a stronger immune system. When you hop out of bed without hesitation, you’ll have time to fit in a workout, giving you a boost of mood-enhancing endorphins to kick off your day!

Sleep Well
Waking up early is one of the best ways to ensure a solid snooze. People who start their day early have healthier levels of fatigue by the end of the day as compared to those who don’t wake up as early — so they get a much better quality of sleep the following night. Pro tip: You can help condition yourself to wake up earlier by incrementally waking up five to 10 minutes earlier each day.

Jump-Start Your Metabolism
Exercising first thing in the morning is the ultimate way to kick-start your metabolism. When you first wake up, your body has had plenty of time to digest, making it the perfect time to get in your workout because your body will enter a fat-burning zone. Plus, the intensity of your workout will send your body into excess post-oxygen consumption (EPOC), which means you’ll rev your metabolism and continue to burn calories all day long.

Not a Morning Person? Not Yet
If you’re thinking, “I’m just not a morning person,” don’t worry! Becoming a morning person is actually simpler and more fun than you think. Remember, you can start small. The most important thing is to create a morning routine that you love and look forward to, and this is different for everyone. Set your alarm with a fun, motivating song to lift your mood. Spend a few moments to think about the things you love, and then figure out how to incorporate them into your morning routine .