Mommy Makeovers at Inland Cosmetic Surgery

Becoming a new mother is a beautiful occasion. One of the most common requests for surgery in our office is from young mothers who want to restore their bodies to its pre-pregnancy state. But, when most women want to go back to their pre-pregnancy figure, it becomes a difficult challenge.

As all women know, after pregnancy and sometimes breastfeeding, the breasts tend to atrophy and deflate (go down in size) as well as relax or sag. To correct these problems, we often perform breast augmentation and/or a breast lift.
The augmentation involves placement of an implant (saline or silicone) and the lift is a skin tailoring procedure to remove the excess skin at the lower portion of the breast and raise the nipple/areolar complex to its original position.
Some new mothers opt to have these two procedures done simultaneously.

The second most common procedure we perform for new mothers is abdominal contouring. We often see young women complaining of a bulge in their stomach that they can’t get rid of despite weight loss and exercise. There are many possible options and treatments for the abdomen depending on the individual anatomy and needs.

These procedures are some of the options included in a Mommy Makeover at our Inland Empire surgery center:
- Liposuction or High Definition Lipo-Selection by VASER
- Liposuction with Dermolipectomy (Small skin excision)
- Mini Tuck (Dermolipectomy with Lower Abdominal Muscle Tightening)
- Full Tummy Tuck

We often times combine the breast augmentation and abdomen procedures at the same time as a package for new mothers. We specialize in performing the breast augmentation through the same incision around the belly button for the tummy tuck package, therefore leaving no scars on the breast. We also offer a pain pump to the patients post-operatively which reduces the pain from both procedures during recovery.

We want to reassure you that our surgeons, anesthesiologists, surgery counselors, registered nurses and the entire staff at Inland Cosmetic Surgery, will help you from the very first step and follow-up with you after recovery so that you may have a safe, pleasant and comfortable surgical experience here.To schedule a complimentary surgical consultation with Dr. Haiavy, Dr. Tower or Dr. Florin, please contact us by calling 909-987-0899.


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