What’s the Clark’s Cube?
Clark’s Nutrition & Natural Foods Market

CEO Ray Clark is no stranger to trying something new. In 2013, with great success, Clark’s Nutrition launched the first-of-its-kind all-natural cosmetic counter with actress Suzanne Somers that could rival a Mac Make-up kiosk. Perhaps it’s part of what has made the Clark clan so viable after all these years of being in business.

Now Clark’s has created something new that they believe will have an impact on the way customers shop for their supplements!

When most people hear the word “cube,” they think of math, ice, a frustrating multicolored square puzzle, or possibly a small car. Well, if Clark’s Nutrition has their way, when you hear the word “cube,” you will immediately think of the “Clark’s Cube.” What’s the Clark’s Cube? Marking Director Mike Barnett is glad you asked. “We have basically bundled various products using our 46 years of experience to help our customers in a brand-new way.”

Clark’s Director of Education, Stark Sowers, says, “Our staff gets asked all the time about weight-loss products, how to gain muscle mass, how to start a basic nutrition plan, as well as what is needed to start the Keto or Paleo diets.” Clark’s decided to help their customers take the guesswork out where to start by creating the exclusive Clark’s Cubes.
There are four of these cubes, which include a variety of supplements, health tips, as well as exclusive coupons inside the attractive square case. When a customer purchases a Clark’s Cube, the product inside will be priced lower than if they purchased the items separately.

Clark’s has four Clark’s Cubes
Ripped Cube will help aid in your workout regimen.
Slim Cube is for those wanting to attack those unwanted pounds.
Start Cube is a basic nutrition starting point.
The Keto Cube will aid those wanting to explore the Keto diet.

Clark’s Nutrition’s slogan is, “Live Better… We Can Help,” and it looks like they’ve found another way to make a customer smile. Clark’s Cubes will be available at all four of their Southern California locations beginning December 26!