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Whole house fans work for you! They are a great and cost effective way to provide NATURAL COOLING for your home. But how does it work? A whole house fan is used instead of running your air conditioner throughout the evening, when you don’t need it, thus providing substantial energy savings. The purpose of the Whole House Fan is to accelerate the natural cooling effect of bringing cooler air from outside into the house via open windows and then flushing the heat out of your living and attic space.

By cooling surface temperatures, the Whole House Fan provides an added comfort that conventional central air conditioners do not provide. This process naturally cools and ventilates your home, which dilutes indoor air pollutants, allergens, odors & excess moisture.

Whole house fans work more effectively in dry, arid climates like Southern California & Nevada and can save a homeowner up to 90% off of their air conditioning bill! More info here. Whole house fans are a great way to increase a home’s market value. QuietCool provides an energy-efficient cooling option, creates a healthier home by getting rid of air pollutants and giving you a quick ROI (typically within 12 months).



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